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We are the best e-learning website in Cameroon. Namepress Acadamy is an online platform for acquiring skills in ICT and Entrepreneurship training. As a brand of Namepress Agency, we are on a mission to educate people on how to use Information Technology(IT) and Digital Installations to earn in living in this very financially challenging society we find ourselves in.

Poverty is bad, It is what makes a man useless and loose his self esteem. And the beginning of poverty is ignorance. That is why we developed this platform to spread the word to the world and teach others what we know and how we make money both online and using our technical skills we have acquired over the years.

We are only 5 years old in the tech business. But throughout those years, we have built many projects and done hundreds of digital installations in our area. We have also trained many young people who are now earning a living and can even pay their house rents and feed themselves with the IT skills they acquired at Namepress Acadamy. that is why we are simply the Best e-learning website in Cameroon.

Our online courses are designed for persons whose scheduling commitments, distance and job descriptions would otherwise make it difficult for them to enroll at our training center. We offer online training mainly in computer literacy and IT installations. Our courses are original in content and contain video tutorials of our training sessions.

We are on a mission to train many young entrepreneurs in Africa as a whole and in Cameroon in particular. Students who can earn a living by making use of the skills they acquire here to start up a business or open a workshop of their own. ICT is more than just a subject!

Best e-learning website in Cameroon

Professional Skills You Will Acquire

Below are the skills you will acquire in the Best ICT Training Center In Cameroon.

  • Gain an understanding of each field of study you take interest in.
  • Technical skills necessary to complete any installation.
  • Typing skills to enable you type quickly on the computer.
  • Web Design skills to enable you complete any web project.
  • Communication skills to enable you learn the language of a technician.

Best e-learning website in Cameroon Certifications

Google Certified
Microsoft Certified
Apple Certified

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