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Check Out These Lesser-Known Southern Cities

The most stunning undiscovered treasures in the South might be just in your own neighborhood! Due to the South’s size and grandeur, there are a lot of nooks and corners that are simple to overlook. It makes no difference if you wish to go on the open road, visit some canyons, or scale waterfalls. These southern secret jewels will definitely whet your appetite!

Covington, Louisiana

On the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, hidden between three rivers, is a little town called Covington. With so much water around, there are plenty of places to launch a kayak, and there is also enough to do in the designated historic downtown with its shops, eateries, and gathering places. We especially like the adjoining Abita Brewing Co., which has a revolving cast of food trucks and offers guided tours, and the Abita Roasting Co. Enjoy regional fare at LOLA, where the kitchen is located in a caboose, or local music at Columbia Street Taproom and Grill.

Little Rock, Arkansas

You’ll find that Arkansas often experiences mild, pleasant weather all year round. The south-central location over Louisiana helps to moderate things, but the northern counties can become a little heated in the summer. Although the winters can occasionally be a touch chilly, they are by no means as severe as those in North Dakota or Michigan. Arkansas frequently ranks in the top 10 states in the nation for affordability. When 100 is given as the national median, Little Rock Houses for Sale, food, and utility costs often range between 90 and 100. Additionally, you’ll discover that expenses for healthcare and transportation are typically a bit less expensive. Employers may not pay as much when you first move here as they do in other parts of the nation, but because of the way the economy is set up, your money will go a lot further. You can have a high quality of living here if you already have some money saved up.

Travelers Rest, South Carolina

Travelers Rest, a laid-back tiny town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, has long been a rest stop for weary travelers, but we suspect you’ll want to do more than just unwind (though that’s highly advised). There’s never a dull moment in the outdoors of the Palmetto State, from biking the 22-mile Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail to exploring the hills in pursuit of sights. The downtown area’s amenities are completed with enjoyable shops to peruse and a number of excellent restaurants, some of which are located right on the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

Aiken, South Carolina

Aiken, a town known for horses, might pass for a postcard. This South Carolina location is ideal for mounting up and going for a trail ride, cuddling up in polite inns and bed-and-breakfasts, and taking in the majesty of verdant parks since it is home to the Aiken Horse Show, which has been running for more than a century. We could go on and on about the Aiken Art Annex, Boyd Pond, Aiken Arboretum Trail, Center for African American History, Arts, and Culture, Hitchcock Woods, Henderson Heritage Preserve, and DuPont Planetarium. For a tour of the city, hop on an electric bike rental or take a seat on an Aiken trolley tour.

Decatur, Georgia

Warm and walkable There are many restaurants in Decatur’s downtown that will tempt you to stay a little longer. For consistently unforgettable dinners, don’t miss The Iberian Pig, The Deer and the Dove, Chai Pani, No. 246, Revival, and The White Bull. Take a leisurely stroll among the many stores and parks scattered throughout the city at any time of day, especially in the 15-block central plaza. Observe your surroundings while you walk: Light poles and traffic signal boxes have been adorned as part of a public art effort, and sculptures are included in a changing exhibition at the Decatur Artway.

Stuart, Florida

The Atlantic Coast of Florida has a lot to offer it, including laid-back beach villages with fascinating history. One such place is Stuart, which is situated along the St. Lucie River and is well-known for one of its downtown institutions, The House of Refuge at Gilbert’s Bar, a turn-of-the-century hangout for shipwrecked sailors. Stuart is located north of Miami and West Palm Beach. To learn about local history, don’t miss the town’s heritage museum.