Thursday, June 6, 2024

How Much Does Amazon Sellers Make

The question of what is the actual amount earned by the Amazon FBA sellers is still unanswered due to a number of reasons. We cannot make any assumptions of the actual figures that the FBA Amazon sellers would be having, instead, the percentage can be easily figured out on the amount which is invested in the Amazon FBA businesses.

Here come the proven findings regarding what is actually earned by the Amazon sellers who are having FBA business. The generalizations and suggestions which are given below in this article aim to help you concentrate on the FBA model, so please try to get an overview and try to make the best decision that would be making you feel wealthy and successful in the future.

Revenue made by NEW SELLERS

A number of new sellers are on Amazon in each marketplace and selling more than one product. As for this article, a new seller is that seller who is selling for at least eighteen months on Amazon. Among the new sellers, there are only 23% of sellers are selling on Amazon as their only source of income. 42% of the sellers are selling with the aim to get rid of the full-time job which they are currently doing. However, all the remaining sellers are trying to have a supplementary income which would be added in the existing income to bear their daily expenses.

The revenue which these sellers are making depends on a number of factors. The factors which are affecting the income of an Amazon seller are as below:

Initial Investment- According to the case studies we go through, the revenue depends upon the initial investment made by the sellers. One seller is having over 10,00,000$ in revenue, who started his business right after the COVID-19 lockdown. On the other case, while selling the same product, another is having a monthly revenue of 12000$. Both revenues are good, but the difference is due to the initial investment made. The first seller is having a great PPC campaign and is pooling the buyers and is ranking on the top for revenue. In the second case, the seller has the same product, with all the features same, but he has not been running any marketing or PPC campaign.

Revenue made by Old Sellers

In the case of old sellers, the revenue is always high as of the life of the businesses is almost over three years. These sellers are making the most of the revenue as they have the best experience in selling online and growing on their own. Most of the large sellers had a background of starting as a wholesale with Amazon and getting things done according to their own will and decisions. Old sellers are having the PPC campaigns most of the time. The PPC campaigns are actually helping these old businesses grow and this is what the old seller have learned from. The more they get visible, the more are they getting the sales.